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Create vector file

We assume that if you work with Adobe Illustrator, you will be able to provide a vector file. After all, Illustrator is based on vectors. But what if you only have Adobe Photoshop and you want to supply us with a text file as contours? Which can. You can use Adobe Photoshop to provide us with a perfect file using a trick. To do this, proceed as follows.

  1. Open Photoshop.
  2. Create a new file.
  3. Select the 'T' from the tools bar.
  4. Tap the blank file and start typing your text.
  5. At the top of your screen you can choose your font and possibly the size. The color doesn't matter that much.
  6. Now go to: font > create work path at the top of your screen. Your letters have now been converted to vectors and can also be seen in your document.
  7. Now go to: file > export > paths to Illustrator at the top of your screen and save this .ai file somewhere on your computer so that you can email it to us later.
  8. If you have Adobe Illustrator, you can open it and check what you have done and make any adjustments if necessary. If you don't have Illustrator, please send us this .ai file along with a JPG as an example. Then we can check whether everything has arrived correctly.
  9. In the order confirmation it is important that the size of the print is stated in cm. This is important because the exported .ai file is not necessarily at full size.

If you have any questions about submitting files, you can always contact us.