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Embroidery delivery method

Embroidery is a craft in itself.

Embroidery is completely computer controlled. An embroidery file is required to control the embroidery machines. This describes per stitch where a needle goes into the fabric, with which thread and with what type of stitch this should be done.

If it concerns something simple, such as a name, you can choose from about fifteen fonts. These fonts are already prepared and are therefore easy to produce without special layout costs.

If it concerns your own design, logo or text in a special font, we will have to convert this to an embroidery file. Unlike print files, embroidery files can hardly be enlarged or reduced. This has to do with the type of stitch used in the design, which means that wires have to bridge too long distances and therefore 'slip'.

Delivery method

Text only
If it only concerns text, this can be passed on to us, stating the desired font and size. We can then see whether we have a 'match' with an existing embroidery font in our system.

File for logo or own design
Almost all file types are possible for converting a design to an embroidery file; we prefer to receive a good, sharp, full-size image. If possible, you can provide us with the PMS color numbers of your corporate identity, and we will see which wire color best suits this.

Where to deliver?

We would like to receive the files to be processed by email ( ) or USB stick. For files larger than 10MB, go to: , our email address has already been filled in for you. Give the file the name of the organization or event, so that we can easily find the file.

Correct delivery is very important to keep delivery times and additional preparation costs as short and low as possible. Any doubts? Then take Contact with us!