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Foil stamping

The design is cut from colored foil with a computer-controlled cutting plotter. The foil is then pressed onto the clothing with a hot press. Thanks to this professional printing technique, the colors also cover dark and brightly colored clothing and the print retains its color fastness, even after several washes. An extensive range of colors is available.


  • Ideal for small quantities
  • No start-up costs
  • Wide applicability (including polos, caps, body warmers, bags)
  • Fully opaque, even on dark textiles
  • Durable (wear-resistant and colourfast)
  • Also available in reflective and fluorescent foil
  • Ready quickly
  • Basically 1 color - multiple colors are possible in consultation!

This technique is based on films that have been specially developed for textile applications. The design is cut from textile foil with a computer-controlled cutting plotter. This thin foil is melted onto the textile at a high temperature and under high pressure, creating a beautiful and durable print.

To keep delivery times and additional layout costs as low as possible, the correct delivery of artwork is very important. Do you want to know the best way to deliver files? Then look here .