Custom embroidery

Embroidering textiles gives them an exclusive look, the relief effect and the shine of the yarn provide a striking and luxurious appearance. For textiles that are frequently used and washed hot, for example chef's jackets and aprons, embroidery is a very durable solution because of its washability. An embroidery design consists of a maximum of 15 colors. Embroidery can be done directly on textile, or a badge can be made, which must be attached to the textile. We can also provide logos and your own designs for you.


  • Durable (wear-resistant and colourfast)
  • Many color combinations possible, also in a large number
  • PMS colors
  • Exclusive appearance
  • Industrial washing possible
  • Wide applicability (polos, caps, body warmers, bags)
  • Suitable for large and small quantities

Various fonts, sizes and colors are available for embroidering names and texts.


To embroider a logo, an embroidery card is first made. The costs for this are one-off; It can be used again and again for subsequent orders. With very different formats, a new card may need to be made. The file is converted into embroidery stitches using highly advanced software.

Color changes are possible and logos can also be supplied as badges.

Correct delivery is very important to keep delivery times and additional preparation costs as short and low as possible. Do you want to know the best way to deliver files? Then look here.