Delivery method screen printing

Screen printing is a direct printing technique in which the ink is pressed through a partially open and partially impermeable mesh onto the object to be printed. The required pressure is provided by a plastic strip that is moved over the mesh. Screen printing is used to print flat items such as textiles.

How to deliver

For screen printing, files should be supplied as a curve or vector file as much as possible. This way, the sharpness of the printed matter is optimally guaranteed. Fonts must be converted to curve or vectors (or add the font). Photos must be submitted as JPG, TIF, PSD or PNG (at least 150 dpi in actual size). Use Pantone colors or indicate the PMS color numbers to be used. If you do not have a PMS color, we can advise this for you.

Where to deliver

We would like to receive the files to be processed by email ( ) or USB stick. For files larger than 10MB, go to: . Give the file the name of the organization or event, so that we can easily find the file.

Any doubts? Please contact us immediately!